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Business & Corporation

Whether you have decided to form your own business, either by yourself or with others, or you need assistance with a business that is already in operation, Gellert, Klein & MacLeod can assist you.

Business Formation

So, you have decided to start your own business but you are not quite sure which type of business structure is best for you. There are numerous business structures available: sole proprietorships, partnerships, S corporations, C corporations, professional corporations (PC), limited liability companies (LLC), limited liability partnerships (LLP), and professional limited liability companies (PLLC), among others. Each structure has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let Gellert, Klein & MacLeod help you through this process. A Gellert, Klein & MacLeod attorney will meet with you to learn more about your business to help you decide which type of business structure will work best for you.

As part of this process, Gellert, Klein & MacLeod welcomes the participation of other professionals with whom you may be working, such as your accountant(s), financial advisors and/or financial planner(s), bankers and insurance agents, to ensure that the business entity you have chosen will integrate seamlessly with your existing plans.

Once you have decided on a particular business structure, Gellert, Klein & MacLeod will handle the formation for you. Depending on which structure you choose, certain forms may need to be prepared and filed with the State and/or with the county in which your business is located. In addition, in some circumstances, a statement regarding formation of your business may be required to be published in a local newspaper. Gellert, Klein & MacLeod’s team of knowledgeable attorneys, paralegals and staff members will ensure that your business entity is formed quickly and properly so that your business is launched on the right foot.

Business Services

In the event that you already have an operating business, Gellert, Klein & MacLeod is prepared to assist you with your post-formation legal business needs as much or as little as you wish.

Gellert, Klein & MacLeod assists with the maintenance and upkeep of your corporate book and the minutes of shareholder and/or board of directors meetings.

In addition, Gellert, Klein & MacLeod’s attorneys regularly prepare the following types of business agreements, among others:

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Covenants not to compete (also known as non-competition agreements)
  • Buy-out agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Personnel manuals

If you are considering dissolution of your business, merger with another business , and/or acquisition of another business, Gellert, Klein & MacLeod can assist you through this process as well.

In addition, should a dispute arise, either within your business, or with another individual or business, there is no need for you to find another lawyer. Gellert, Klein & MacLeod’s commercial litigation and employment law departments are prepared to assist you from inception of the dispute through trial.