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An Alternate to Court Resolution of Business Disputes

Did you know that you may not have to go to court to resolve your business dispute? While the court system is traditionally used by businesses and business owners seeking resolution of disputes involving such things as contracts, dissolution, unfair competition, and the like, alternatives to court do exist. Either before starting a lawsuit or […]

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Property Division in Divorce

One of the most vexing aspects of divorce is the division of assets that have been accumulated during the marriage. Complicating this matter is the emotionally charged backdrop against which divorcing couples are expected to make rational decisions concerning their most valued possessions. “Equitable, not Equal” New York’s Equitable Distribution Law classifies property as either […]

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An Important New Law for Commissioned Salesperson Agreements

For years, commissioned salespersons in New York learned of the details of their employers’ commission arrangements through a variety of written commission plans or policies, many of which were drafted in very informal terms. That practice now has to change. Effective October 16, 2007, New York amended the Labor Law to require that employers produce […]

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Two Critical Lessons for Business Owners

Years ago I met a man who was very successful in his business. We’ll call him Dick. Dick decided to buy some rental properties as investment income. The first apartment house he bought was placed in the name of a corporation he had formed. He was told that by putting the title to the property […]

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Purchasing Real Estate? Why you need title insurance

A home is usually the largest single investment any of us will ever make. When you purchase a home, you will purchase several types of insurance coverage to protect your home and personal property. Homeowner’s insurance protects against loss from fire, theft, or wind damage. Liability insurance protects from injuries a visitor to your property […]

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